1. Agricultural commodities

Agricultural goods are one of the elements that are important not only for individual households, but also for the economy of different countries as a whole. In addition to the food and livestock industries, they are increasingly used for the production of alternative fuels, construction and packaging materials, plastics, as well as in the medical industry.


Wheat: Wheat is mainly used as a food, industrial and forage crop. Flour, cereals, alcohol, oil are made from wheat grains. Flour is used for baking bread, making pasta and confectionery.

Corn: contains protein and a number of amino acids that are essential for the human body. It is widely used in cooking, feed production, medicine.

Rapeseed: Used to make oil. Rapeseed oil is used for the production of margarine, in the metallurgical, soap, leather and textile industries. It is a valuable concentrated livestock feed.

Sunflower Seeds: These are used primarily for the production of sunflower oil, which is then used for cooking or technical needs. The oil is also used in the paint and varnish industry.

Sunflower oil: one of the most important vegetable oils. In cooking, it is used for frying and dressing salads. It is used to make margarine and cooking oils. Sunflower oil is used in the production of canned food, as well as in the soap making and paint and varnish industry. Sunflower oil is a part of various ointments. Sunflower oil can be used to refuel kerosene lamps.


2. Trade in textile products.

One of the main activities of the company is trade in textile products. Our company buys and sells: gabardine, satin, cambric, knitwear, jeans, tulle, chiffon, as well as other types of fabrics. Our main suppliers are companies from Turkey, India, Malaysia. The sales market is the CIS countries and Europe.


3. Trade in computers, accessories and components for them is a line of business in our trade portfolio, we develop it thanks to our marketing support.

Our company buys and sells system units, as well as components for them, namely: processors, monitors, video cards, coolers, hard drives, motherboards, sound and network cards, hard drives and power supplies. The main suppliers are: Bopai Export and Import Trading Co Ltd, Kehua Hengsheng Co., LTD., Digital Equipment Corp. Intel Corp, Parsytec Computer, GmbH.

The main buyers are local distribution companies of medium and small businesses in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.